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Project Information

Project Name: Long Plain First Nations WWTF Upgrade

Location: Long Plain, MB

Project Type: Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Completion: June 2012


Treatment Objectives

  1. Design Flow: 998 m3/day
  2. Effluent Quality:
  • cBOD5/TSS <10 mg/L
  • TAN < 1.0 / 5.0 mg/L (summer/winter)
  • TP < 1.0 mg/L

Post Lagoon Nitrification for First Nation Community

Project Background/Challenges

Long Plain was similar to many other first nation communities that are faced with aging wastewater treatment facilities. Many of these treatment facilities are overloaded, expensive to operate, and no longer meet federal regulations. Small communities also struggle to retain the trained personnel required to operate complex treatment systems. With high population growth and aging infrastructure, Long Plain required an upgrade to meet current water quality regulations.

NEI's Solution

A two (2) cell, partial mix aerated lagoon based system was constructed on a green-field site. The SAGR (Submerged Attached Growth Reactor) process was installed to provide nitrification (ammonia removal); two vertical flow, continuous backwash sand filters with alum addition were implemented for final polishing and phosphorous removal. The water quality produced by the system allows for continuous discharge to the Assiniboine River.

Long Plain First Nation now has an operator-friendly, technology advanced wastewater treatment system capable of handling the increasing population. The system will meet federal wastewater regulations, is environmentally responsible, and put the Long Plain First Nation at the forefront of small community wastewater treatment in Canada.

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